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Crepeaholic at Bawabat Al Sharq Mall

November 1, 2017

Never did imagine myself winning in a promo or raffle. I always join but I never won. So, I always tell myself, that maybe it is the universe telling me to work hard and not rely on luck.


But Wooh! October has been very good to me.  I won a giveaway in Instagram, lucky me! (not the noodles brand, hahaha only Filipinos can relate). The thing is I need to go to Bawabat Al Sharq Mall to avail this one. So as the motto, #willtravelforfood did not stop me.


It was last 20th October when we decided to explore Baniyas and it is our first time with my friend Maricel to get lost here.


You know the drill, I did the research first. I always look forward to what food they serve and what will I order to make the most out of it. Last time I ate crepe was when we are in Bali in a small organic café.

 So the budget I won is AED 200/- which is not bad, right? This is all the noms we carefully picked hahaha


Lentil Soup

     I admit I am not really a fan of typical lentil soup but this ones in Crepeaholic got a hold on me. It is creamy and I did not expect to love it! 

 Salad Straganoff Crepe

     I also love this one! I believe the combination of the crepe and the beef sauce makes it really good. 


     It is a typical salad anyhow it is still yummy and we did enjoyed it. We almost finished this big one!

 Banoffe Crepe

     Now, I want their crepe recipt hahaha. There's something about it that make anything you put into it so good. Can you blame me? 










Passion Fruit and Kiwi Mojitos

     Always a refreshing choice and somehow very typical. 


Check out my review at Zomato and Trip Advisor for noms! 


Thank you to Maricel for taking some of the beautiful photos, shot on the  and Canon camera. Shot at CrepeaholicBawabat Al Sharq Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE







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