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EID Staycation at Sheraton Abu Dhabi

September 5, 2017

Staycation is always the best when shared with friends. It was EID holiday and since we can’t travel for few days, we opt to stay at Sheraton Corniche Abu Dhabi Hotel.

 It is our first time and of course, we expect something from the facilities. We are not pros when it comes to hotel but we’re always on staycation that we want to try every hotel here in Abu Dhabi then we’re going to hop on outside the Abu Dhabi and go for long drive.


We’ve requested for late check out but the hotel was fully booked so it did not happen and we understand it.

 So let me show you the room, we are disappointed actually.


The space is quite congested and we can’t help but compare it to another hotel we’ve been to. Though they are not 4 star compare to Sheraton.




Nevertheless, the bathroom is amazing though the space is not huge; I do appreciate the set up. Once you enter, you will see the sink with mirror and all the vanity toiletries stuff then bath tub will be there across the separate shower area. Toilet bowls is located at the end which is okay.

                 Oh, they have this study area with huge office like table which is great for business man on the go.


We do appreciate that there’s a terrace but space is limited and so small.


What I always look forward whenever I’m at a hotel is the Health Club – gym, jacuzzi, sauna and steamer. It never fails me. I love the gym though it is mixed, I don’t mind. We went to gym around afternoon and the next morning. What’s cool is they have an On-Duty Instructor whom can guide you whenever you’re on some weights. Plus, equipment’s are almost complete, what more can I ask for?

 We then decided to look for something to eat during dinner time. Please check the link as we nom at La Mamma Restaurant:

 We are glad that the pool is open until 10PM, so after we munch, we just chill for a while and enjoyed a night swimming. The water is nice and there is also an attentive Life guard on duty so we feel safe. 

               Health club is open until 12PM so you can still enjoy the facility should you want. 

 The very thing my tummy is waiting for is the Buffet. It’s like heaven not that grand but worth it. I’ve enjoyed strolling around just looking at food but of course I wouldn’t miss the tasting part.

The buffet is open until 10:30 AM.


We need to check out by 1PM so after breakfast, we just took bunch of photos and enjoy the facility ‘til the very last seconds. 


 Overall it is a great experience, how I wish the room space is great but the food pull it off.

 Oh, my review will also be up at TripAdvisor; please check it out.


'Til our next staycation,




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