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Arabic Healthy Meals at Sumaq Grill

August 15, 2017

    It was 11th August 2017 when we‘ve decided to try this Arabic restaurant in Khalidiyah Mall. It is located at the Food Court area, where there are round tables in front and also a family corner at the center.

We’ve ordered the following:

  • Sweet Potato Fries

  • Wraps in all forms ( Chicken, falafel and  beef)

  • Salad in all forms as well , hahaha ( Chicken, beef and falafel)

  • Drinks of all kinds, we didn’t ordered softdrinks

  • Cookies ( all flavors)    

 Just few people come along to order but as time goes by, you can see the progress. I, then appreciate as we munched, the fact that it is so simple, fresh and healthy.

    We should keep places like this. It’s a big help if you want to eat healthy even if you’re on a run. They also deliver which is great.


Chicken Salad -  One of the top favorite among the crew when we visited. The avocado slice is actually inviting. Since, I love avocado, it's a sweet YES! yum yum! 

Beef Salad -  I appreciate the beef ( protein loading) and the hint of Pomegranate is love. 

 Falafel Salad - I ready do appreciate the falafel. It's been long time since I had one. The presentation is great with beet root as flower.


 Fun part is you can customize your salad the way you want. Should you have any allergies or any vegetables that you don’t like. You’re free to cut them out.  

     Since we don’t know what we want, we just let them prepare the salad the way they want it, normal ones they serve to customers.

 You can see above the preparation of wraps. It is like salad in a wrap and its humongous, guys. One wrap can be cut in 2 and you're good. 

 My favorite out of all the drinks is the Pomegranate :). Mint Lemonade is too sour for me, it is good if you have cold. Orange is also great. 

 First thing that I will ask whenever I'm at a resto is the dessert. It's sad that they only have cookies but I do understand the fact that they promote healthy lifestyle with their food. Anyhow, I love the pistachio cookie :)


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