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My First Month with Guava Pass

August 8, 2017

Believe it or not, but it is my first time to sign up for a Gym as I just usually run for miles from my home to Corniche area. I am petite and they even say that I don't need to go to gym but me being active, always seeks for the better.

 What made me interested? It is the perks that it can offer. I even convinced my colleague to be my gym partner.


That time, they have a promotion of 50% discount for the first month and we got to pay around AED 250/- which is not bad for all the access. We are even excited to try all the facilities.


Let me share with you our experiences as we started last 22nd April 2017:


1.) Belly Dance ( Ladies Only) at Level Up Fitness 

     Since I love to dance, I was happy that we got to try this. It is located at Beach Rotana near Abu Dhabi Mall and we are wowed by the facilities. 


Our lady instructor - Maria is awesome. She is a fitness goals, very fit with abs. My gosh! We've enjoyed her belly dancing class that we even comeback every Saturday and she'started teaching us a full choreograph dance. 


 2.) ABS / Stretching - Adrenagy Training Club


      Though the location is far, it didn't stop us. You can commute with bus 54 or drive all the way to Khalifa park near TwoFour54. 

    The gym is cool, actually. The ladies section is on the upper level and the gents is down plus the class area is on the main reception. 

    We didn't expect it to be intense, hahaha. It is one of the coolest torture of our lives. 

 3.) Bounce Fit - Bounce, Abu Dhabi 


    It is fun jumping up and down until we start taking it seriously, hahaha. It's burning my legs and it's pretty intense jumping on trampoline. The instructor is strict and very attentive. Now, we miss it plus you got free sticky socks guys ;)

4.)  ZUMBA ( Ladies Only) at Primal Gym

      We we're quite interested about this gym but we didn't expect it to be this far. It is located at the end portion of Al Reem Island. 

    We got to dance our blues away but I believe they can offer more. Since it was far and we can also do Zumba on other location, then we decided not to comeback.

   If you're just around the area, then it will be convenient for you.


5.) Aqua Zumba-  Intercontinental Hotel

      The class was fun and we’re doing Aqua Zumba in Bayshore Beach Club at Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi. The class is under “The Room” which has the main location in Zayed Sports Center but they held the class at Intercontinental Hotel. After the class, we just for a quick swim on the pool and took some snaps on the beach area overlooking the Etihad Towers.


6.) Stretch and Tone in Hiltonia Beach Club

     Our instructor Marco is very attentive and knowledgeable. Since it’s our first time to try this out, we’ve learned a lot. Attending 6 classes in 1 week makes our body more stress from working out. Foam rollers was introduced to us to massage the tensed muscles to ease aches and pains. We also used Tennis balls for more intense approach. It was great.


7.) Body Pump ( Les Mills) at Let’s Go Gym

     This is a cool way to lift some weights. Since it is our first time, we are shook but totally worth it. I suggest for beginners, to start on warm up weights – 1 kilo will be good because for us, we’ve started on 2.5 kg and it was a lesson-ed learned but we survived, don’t worry. Hahaha. Lounges will kill your legs but you will recover. We even crave for more that we comeback every week. We love it!

 8.) Pilates (Weight Loss) at The Room

      It is located in Zayed Sports Center and quite far from city. They are more into spinning lessons but they also have yoga, pilates and crossfit. We decided not to comeback because of the location. It's a good thing we got to try them.


9.) Rock Climbing at Adventure Zone, Yas Mall

    You need to be at least 15 minutes early as they will do a safety induction and you need to gear up for your harness, safety shoes and helmet. We tried rock climbing for 30 minutes and even beginners just like us can enjoy it. The staffs will give you some tips and they will assist you all the way. You will climb first for few feet then get down and it will get higher until you have the guts to make it all the way to the top. Fun part is when you get to jump like an action star all the way down. Hahaha. It’s fun!


     For the next 30 minutes, we tried the High Rope which is a challenging obstacles of rope course. We completed 2 sets even though we're hungry. Mission accomplished!


10.) Zumba at Crystal Dance Center Abu Dhabi (Hiltonia Beach Club)

      Ladies are rockin’ when we went there. The original instructor is on a recovery period from an operation but there is a great Filipina Zumba Instructor for substitute. It is fun as there are a lot of us, dancing and rocking to the tune.


11.) Boxercize at Hiltonia Beach Club

      We assumed that it will be like an aerobic style with boxing choreography but it was more. Since it’s only the two of us with my gym partner, it is like a one to one approach which is much more better. We tried job, hook, cross and uppercut alternative with an exercise and a rest. It was pretty intense but fun.


12.)YOGA at Emirates Sports Centre

     Location is pretty near along Hamdan Street as I reside along Najda St. I don’t mind walking to warm up. Yoga is relaxing and makes us more flexible as we learn to work with our breathing. Inhale exhale. Instructor is also knowledgeable enough. After the relaxing yoga class, we proceed to Karate Class.


13) Adults Karate at Emirates Karate   

   Good thing, someone joined us otherwise it will only be the two of us, hahaha. We’ve learned some basics about Shotokan karate, how to greet and some moves. It’s too much to absorbed especially for us beginners. I’ve been wanting to learn before but I was too lazy but good thing I had this opportunity now. Aside from the basic punch, pose and kicks;  the warm up and exercise is to die for. I’ve never been stretched like this my whole life but we love it. We look forward to come back again.



We do have a great time with Guava Pass during our first month. Since I am working until 4pm, we directly the gyms we booked into and we've learned a lot when it comes to fitness. We are also pleased to try a lot of Gyms within Abu Dhabi and it’s facilities.


I highly recommend this if you have time to explore more into fitness. Should you need a gym partner, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Discount code: "JOANSGUAVAS" 30% off your first month 



Your Guava Girl Ambassador,



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