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May 7, 2017

It is my first time to eat at this restaurant. I am really grateful to Maheen for inviting me at this Bloggers Event. I also got a chance to meet other foodies and appreciate more of Lebanese food. 


 Oh, Batata Harra is my favorite dish at Mosaic Restaurant.


Cold Mezzeh 


1.) Hummus - Puree of soaked chickpeas, squeezed fresh lemon & tahina paste

 2.) Baba Ganoush - A pureeof grilled eggplant & tahina paste wit fresh squeezed lemon. 

 3.) Fatoush -Fresh lettuce, thyme, parsley, mint, tomatoes, cucumber topped with sumac & pomegranate syrup.

 4.) Tabbouleh - Fresh parsley from Lebnon, borghul, fresh lemon juice & tomato. 


1.) Cheese Roll - Filling of mixed cheese and parsley in crispy four wrap, deep fried. 

 2.) Batata Harra - Roasted Potatoes, garlic and spices 

 3.)  Fateh Bin Jan - Eggplant, bread, tomato sauce, yoghurt nd pine seeds 



1.)  Sheesh Tawok  - Marinated chicken grilled, lemon and olive oil

2.)  Kabab Laham - Grounded lamb meat grilled with onion and                                      traditional spices 

3.) Meat Tikka - Lamb Fillet grilled with traditional spices 

4.) Lamb Ribs - Fresh lamb ribs barbequed on charcoal. Hint of                                 arabic  spices.



2.) Kibbeh Bin Laban - Fresh lamb  meat, borghul, onion pressed together and cooked in yogurt. Served with rice.



1.) Rice Pudding - Rice cooked on low heat and cooled with pudding. Served with ice cream. 

 2.) Assorted Ice Cream 

 3.) Watermelon Fresh Juice 

 Of course, I will not end the end without an OOTD. 


 Check out more of the place, food and people on my vlog. Feel free to subscribed on my Youtube channel for more noms and adventures.



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